Staking Mastery

The Ethereum Staking Mastery Program is designed to engage, empower, and promote individuals who are passionate about advancing Ethereum staking adoption through education and advocacy.

What's a Staking Master?

In ancient Greece, masters were esteemed for their expertise and their role as mentors. A master would guide an apprentice through rigorous training and intellectual development. They often led workshops or guilds. This master-apprentice relationship was fundamental to the transmission of skills and knowledge in ancient Greek society.

We're empowering the next generation of masters, the Ethereum Staking Masters. These individuals will help inspire, educate, and mentor aspiring home stakers, much like the master craftsmen of ancient Greece.

Educational Resources

Access comprehensive materials, including slideshows, discussion guides, and hands-on workshop cirriculum to help you host Ethereum staking education sessions.

Community Budget

Receive financial support to help organize and host local meetups and educational events to spread the message of Ethereum staking.

Discounted Hardware

Benefit from discounts on staking hardware to assist those interested in starting their staking journey.

Career Advancement

Open pathways for professional growth and leadership opportunities within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Get Started

Get started on your journey as an Ethereum Staking Master in the Obol discord.