#TeamStaking is the form of squad staking done by team members of a Web3 organisation, fostering a strong culture, skill development and Ethereum Ethos alignment.

Interested in participating in staking as a team?

#TeamStaking is collaborative staking; enhancing team dynamics, organization culture and allowing web3 teams more flexibility in how they stake their treasury.

Squad Staking for Teams

Squad Stake?

Culture Building

Team staking allows teams to jointly deploy an Ethereum validator, fostering culture building and mutual support among team members.

Skill Development

Develop the technical skillset and deeper Ethereum knowledge of team members, while building more industry-leading credibility for the organisation.

Support Ethereum Ethos

Squad staking is the most Ethereum-aligned to stake ETH. Support from Web3 teams, whether running validators or staking treasury makes Ethereum stronger.

"At Aragon, our experience with Obol DVs has deepened our team’s engagement with Ethereum staking technology. Our team staking initiative with Obol and Dappnode is not only enhancing our organizational culture with a collaborative, and hands on experience, but it is also enabling us to have a positive impact securing the Ethereum network as a team."

Alex Clayhills
from Aragon

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